The Opera League’s volunteer “Lightwalkers” stand on the stage in place of singers while the lighting director experiments and adjusts the lighting that will be used on singers and the set during various scenes.  LIghtwalkers have to be able to stand still for up to an hour, have email, be fluent in English, be available mornings and be flexible.  Our sessions may run from two hours to five hours.  Times are often adjusted at the last minute or even canceled.  However, our small band of volunteers love lightwalking!  We see the auditorium from the stage and see what the set is really like up close. We feel an "ownership" for the productions where we are used and enjoy watching the opera and seeing how we were lighted and which characters we represented.  Volunteers are given hour for hour credit and one hour for travel.

For further information on Lightwalkers, contact Lynne Mitchell,