Volunteer Opportunities at LA Opera Events for Educators


Volunteering at Opera for Educators

During each season, the Los Angeles Opera Company Education and Community Outreach program invites teachers to participate in seminars held prior to the start of performances of each production.   Outside experts and LAO staff members present lectures on the each opera, their history, production and style, using audio/visual assistance. Teachers utilize the talks to further their education and gain continuing education points from their school districts. Volunteer members of the OLLA Community Educators are also invited to attend to enhance their knowledge of opera and gain information that they can use in their future talks on Opera around the Southern California area.


Volunteers arrive an hour before the start of each session, usually at 8AM, and help in registration of the participants.  The event starts at 9AM, and lasts until approximately 4PM.  Volunteers are requested to stay until 11AM, and can stay for the full  program if they wish to do so. 

Volunteering at Discover Opera

These sessions are held for teachers provide background general information on the many talents required to produce an Opera.   Teachers look behind the scenes and learn the secrets of LAO’S opera house and are introduced to the composers, stories and performers of this exciting art form. Teachers will be given the tools to take opera back into their classroom with the aid of a Common Core specialist.

Volunteers will help check in participants and help out deliver information. Volunteers may, of course, stay around for the presentations.

For Further Information

If you are interested in volunteering at an Opera for Educators activity, send an email to  operaleaguevolunteer@gmail.com, or leave a message for Larry Verdugo on the League’s hotline, 213 972 7220.




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