Artist Services

With a return to La Cabana on October 19, 2013,  our Artist Services Committee enjoyed another splendid occasion of companionship, food, drink, and fun.

  By Bob Bernard


 Susan Lang, Artist Services Manager


  Diane Gray, Opera League President


Nina Haro, Owner of La Cabana and Momma Lucia Awardee

Committee member Nina Haro, owner of La Cabana, once again hosted drinks and hors d'oeuvres for the reception, as well as discounting dinner entrees. A stream of gifts, awards and recognition flowed continuously throughout the evening.


Welcome Gifts, in the form of custom CDs, were donated by Committee Friend Rodger Hamrick


Committee performance perks, DVDs of the 1997 Richard Tucker Gala and 2006 Met Salute to Joe Volpe, courtesy of Bob Bernard, were distributed to those who volunteered to transport about the "tsunami" of incoming artists for Eugene Onegin and Cosi fan tutte.


Susan Lang, having emptied out storage closets at LA Opera, provided books, DVDs, posters, and assorted residual memorabilia from times' past for us to take home..

  Domingo-Thornton Young Artists Alexey Sayapin, Tracy Cox, & Valentina Fleer with Assistant Committee Chair John Spear

          La Cenerentola Awardee Shell Brown Derouin with Committee Chair Bob Bernard

The evening's program, an interactive interview with Young Artists Alexey Sayapin, Tracy Cox, and Valentina Fleer, was led by John Spear.


Vanessa Awardee Marion Blackwood


 Elektra Awardee Paul Levin


   Not-Hunding Awardee Truman Wang

Special awards, in the form of personalized DVDs, went to those Committee members who responded to extraordinary situations and needs:


Shell Brown Derouin, greeting soprano Nino Machaidze in the midnight hour, earns the appropriately-named La Cenerentola Award.


Paul Levin, because we do not differentiate between physical and emotional "baggage", earned the Elektra Award for transporting about soprano Oksana Dyka, her extended family, and much associated paraphernalia.

 Marion Blackwood, having to patiently wait out the severely-delayed in-coming flight carrying Stage Director James Bonas, earned another appropriately-named citation: the Vanessa Award

Truman Wang, for taking on the grubbiest of all possible assignments: transporting a nanny and child from Toluca Hills to the Music Center while a bike-a-thon was in progress, earned our Hospitality [or Not-Hunding] Award.

 Nina Haro, always in our hearts for her generosity, --- and with the Wine Shop owner from Cavalleria Rusticana in mind, received the Mamma Lucia Award

Acknowledgement: All photos are by Ed Lieb & Peter Gray