Volunteering for the Opera League

Volunteers are the beating heart of the Opera League of Los Angeles. Believe us when we say we cannot wait to get back to the pre-pandemic momentum of cast dinners, artist services, master classes, and all the salons you can throw a sponsor at.

In the meantime, we are able to volunteer at a few select opportunities as the pandemic and vaccines allow.


We are looking into the cost of producing hybrid seminars (part-live, part-virtual). In terms of volunteering, we will need volunteers at seminars to assist with check-in and stationed throughout the site for directions and information.

Shop at the Opera
The Shop will be operating during all performances. This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity.

Cast Dinners
We are awaiting final sign-off from LA Opera's COVID compliance officer, but if this goes forward, volunteers will need to be vaccinated and tested according to LAO's protocols. For each opera, there are typically dozens of artists to be fed during production tech week, and there will be a set-up outdoors. We anticipate needing a small number of volunteers per dinner.

Overtures (a.k.a. Pre-performance Lectures)
Until further notice, and as part of the Music Center trying to limit the length of time the venues are filled with people, Maestro Conlon's pre-performance lectures will be pre-recorded and broadcast on the Plaza as well as streaming via a link sent to ticket holders. An Opera League representative will likewise record our pitch and introduction to be edited into these talks.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
The Education events (e.g. Opera Prep, Opera Wise) will be virtual for the fall of 2021. LA Opera will not be using light walkers or artist services until 2022. LAO's primary mission is to produce grand opera live on stage, and the company needs to take every precaution to keep the artists and production personnel safe. Any outbreaks could result in a cancellation of performances. 

Of course, we will update this as the situation demands.

If you have questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out, either through our message center or email:

Message Center: 213.972.7220
Email: info@operaleague.org

See you at the opera!

Pics of Our Awesome Volunteers


Support opera through education, volunteerism and fundraising on behalf of LA Opera and serve as a resource for community engagement.