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BRAVO Live! Episode 7

The Music Library

By Tom Lady

Welcome to the seventh installment of BRAVO live!

This enlightening episode sees Larry Verdugo, the Opera League's head of Education, take us into LA Opera's music library to interview head librarian, Melisandra Dunker, and assistant librarian, Carolyn Boyd.

You'll get a glimpse at the library's resource center, the hub of all things scores, libretti, language dictionaries and translations. Then Melisandra and Carolyn talk about their decidedly distinct backgrounds that conspired to bring them together, and the myriad roles and responsibilities their broad purview entails.

So kick back and spend a few minutes with Larry, Melisandra and Carolyn, and marvel at LA Opera's living, breathing encyclopedia.

About BRAVO Live!
BRAVO Live! is a relatively new series the Opera League launched in March 2021. Inspired by the League's flagship print publication, BRAVO (check out recent issues here and here), BRAVO Live!'s charter is to adapt BRAVO's interview format for the virtual space to spotlight today's brightest stars of the musical firmament, both in front of and behind the curtain.

By the way, if you missed previous episodes of BRAVO Live!, check them out on the Opera League's YouTube channel.

Without further ado, please enjoy episode seven of BRAVO Live! We hope you are entertained and enlightened.

Author: Thomas Lady

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