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BRAVO Live! Episode 2

Light Walking

By Tom Lady

Welcome to another all-new episode of BRAVO Live!

In this episode, the Opera League's head of Education, Larry Verdugo, interviews Lynne Mitchell, veteran head of the League's light walking volunteers, and LA Opera Stage Manager Lisa Kable Blanchard.

What is light walking, you might ask? Without spoiling this episode for you, of the myriad volunteer opportunities the nonprofit Opera League offers--and there are many--light walking is hands down one of the most unique, demanding and, as you'll see in this episode, absolutely essential to LA Opera's ability to mount mainstage productions. Lynne Mitchell and her team are the unsung heroes of every LA Opera production you will ever see.

Meantime, as LA Opera's superlative Stage Manager, Lisa brings a perspective of what goes on behind the scenes of producing an opera, especially as it pertains to her essential team partnering with Lynne's light walking team, that most operagoers may not be aware of.

Wilma Freeman of African Americans for LA Opera (AALAO), a chapter of the Opera League, introduces this episode.

In case this is your first BRAVO Live!, this is a relatively new series the Opera League launched in March 2021. Inspired by the League's flagship print publication, BRAVO (check out recent issues here and here), BRAVO Live!'s charter is to adapt BRAVO's interview format for the virtual space to spotlight today's brightest stars of the musical firmament.

By the way, if you missed the first episode of BRAVO Live!, check it out here.

Without further ado, and as the Opera League continues to celebrate 40 years in 2021, please enjoy episode two of BRAVO Live!.


Author: Thomas Lady

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