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Spring 2015 Message from President Kathy Crandall

As I write my last President’s message, it is with gratitude to all those who have made up my team of hard working volunteers. It has been a great run and none of it would have been possible without the amazing Opera League Board members and innumerable volunteers who have supported me all the way.

I am proud to say we have increased our membership by over 5% and substantially increased the number of members who are supporting us at higher dues levels. This, plus increasing profits at our Shop at the Opera, continued to make possible our regular donation of $75, 000 to LA Opera. Again this year, through our other fundraising efforts, we have supported LA Opera with an additional $109, 000 for a total of $184, 000. Our volunteers continue to log over 25, 000 hours of volunteer time as well.

Our amazing Communications staff has elevated our website, operaleague.org, enhanced our email messaging, and made quick updates of information immediately accessible on the website, in addition to making it easy and painless to sign up for events online. Go to our Facebook page to see photos of our events and people who have attended.

BRAVO has a whole new look and feel as our editors work diligently to introduce you to what goes on behind the scenes at LA Opera and the individuals who make up our cadre of volunteers . BRAVO also continues to keep you updated on everything in our calendar of events and includes event signup sheets.

We have tried new and different programs to entertain our increasingly sophisticated opera audience, such as our series of movies and documentaries at UCLA’s James Bridges Theater and an increased variety of speakers at our seminars. Our members have enthusiastically received these new ventures. And we continue to search for ways to keep seminars affordable, even as prices for things in the real world skyrocket.

Did you know that the Opera League of Los Angeles was founded 34 year ago in order to bring a resident opera company to LA?  Many of our founders remain members today, so we have a generous mixture of ideas from people who “know the ropes” to people who bring innovation and new technology to our endeavors. And I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you. We are a group that is diverse in background, income, and occupation – but we all share a passion for this art form. What a common bond that forges!

I urge you to continue to support our new officers and board members and the Opera League efforts going forward. And look for ways you can support the League. We need help from those who are skilled in website technology, writing, cooking, patience with small children and a willingness to drive to LAX. We welcome donations of salable items to our Shop. YOU can make a difference!



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