The Marriage of Brain Teasers

BRAVO 54 (Spring 2020)

The Marriage of Brain Teasers

LA Opera’s final mainstage production of the 2019-20 season was supposed to have been Mozart’s immortal beloved The Marriage of Figaro.

Okay, so that might have fallen through the corona-cracks, but that doesn't mean we can't test your Mozart smarts.

Mark Lyons, LAO’s Associate Director of Communication and Publications, helped us devise this quiz that will take more than a magic flute to solve.

Question 1: According to Leporello, how many Spanish women has Don Giovanni seduced?

A. 3,001
B. 103
C. 1,003
D. 30,001

Question 2: Idomeneo and La Clemenza di Tito are examples of what style of opera?

A. Melodramma
B. Opera seria
C. Dramma eroico
D. Festa teatrale

Question 3: The title of Così fan tutte (“All women are like that”) stems from a line sung by which character in another Mozart opera?

A. Don Basilio in The Marriage of Figaro
B. The Count in The Marriage of Figaro
C. Don Giovanni in Don Giovanni
D. Leporello in Don Giovanni

Question 4: In The Marriage of Figaro, what makes Marcellina realize (spoiler alert!) that she is Figaro’s mother?

A. She notices a locket he wears, which she gave to him as an infant.
B. She reads her former name on Figaro’s adoption papers.
C. She recognizes a birthmark on his arm.
D. She realizes that Figaro and Bartolo (his father) have the exact same profile.

Question 5: Don Giovanni opens with the title character rushing out of Donna Anna’s bedroom. According to her version of the event, recounted two scenes later, whom did she initially mistake her nocturnal intruder for?

A. The Commendatore, her father
B. Her maid
C. Don Ottavio, her fiancé
D. A burglar

Question 6: In the world of Mozart, who were Tizio and Sempronio?

A. Mozart’s beloved tabby cats
B. Leopold Mozart’s pet names for young Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl
C. Mozart’s derisive nicknames for his rivals Salieri and Gluck
D. The “Albanians” in Così fan tutte

Question 7: Which three characters are related by blood in The Marriage of Figaro?

A. Figaro, Marcellina and Don Basilio
B. Susanna, Barbarina and Antonio
C. Cherubino, Doctor Bartolo and Marcellina
D. The Count, Don Basilio and Don Curzio

Question 8: In Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann, which Mozart opera is Hoffmann’s beloved Stella performing in?

A. Don Giovanni
B. The Marriage of Figaro
C. The Magic Flute
D. Idomeneo

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Answers: 1 C, 2 B, 3 A, 4 C, 5 C, 6 D, 7 B, 8 A

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