Intermission: Meet the Opera-tor

Happy 2020 from the President

By Laurel Howat

No doubt you have heard of the Terminator, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most popular roles. Then of course he became the Governator.

Now I'd like you to meet the Opera-tor, the Angelino who is passionate about opera, particularly LA Opera, and who strives to share the joy of its soul-changing powers with both fellow Opera-tors and with future converts through the wide variety of activities that the Opera League offers.

I am an Opera-tor. Over the holidays I brought two of my friends to The Magic Flute – their first ever opera. They were amazed and delighted. I also purchased an Opera League membership for a friend who has been a long-time patron of LA Opera, but who had yet to join the Opera League and discover all of its wonderful benefits.

In 2020 this Opera-tor will be posting photographs on the League's Instagram page to show our community and the world the enjoyment opera brings to our lives, and what kind of unique individuals Opera League Opera-tors are.

I have already snapped snaps at the lovely revamped Grand Plaza next to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and will bring my third hand (read: my phone) to the next Opera League gathering I attend. Gatherings are great Insta-venues for capturing the energy of the audience and lecturer as they delve into opera, such as LAO’s world-premiering Eurydice, opening on February 1st. Check out the Winter 2019 BRAVO for the gatherings listing in the back.

If you are planning on attending our spectacular annual Hemmings Award Gala at the California Club on April 4, feel free to whip out your camera (read: your phone) and snap any Insta-worthy shots that suit your Insta-fancy.

And if I see you, I may ask you to smile and say, "Diva!"

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