Intermission: From Vespaio with Love

Update from the President

By Laurel Howat

Greetings, everyone!

It does not take much to remind me why I enjoy being a part of the Opera League. Here's what we've already done, barely a month into the opera season.

Party Party Party!
On August 24 we hosted a rollicking, yet classy cocktail party at Vespaio to kick off the season, see old friends and make new ones. It was wonderful to see longtime members and interested guests indulging in refreshment and vivid conversation.

Cast Dinner
We fed about 100 cast and crew at our season's first cast dinner, during production tech week for La Bohème, serving delicious homemade dishes to hungry singers. Afterwards we got to watch the La Bohème dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal for Leaguers only . Not a member? Hurry up and join here before the next cast dinner!

Brilliant, animated scholar and UCLA Professor Katherine Sayer illuminated the audience on the directing styles in various incarnations of La Bohème, including the new Barry Kosky production at LA Opera. Wonderful singing by several LA Opera Young Artists and a delicious lunch rounded out the event.

First Ever Podcast
At the fantastic September 17th podcast, hosted by bass baritone Nicholas Brownlee (Colline in LA Opera’s current production of La Bohème), we watched as Nicholas interviewed opera pillars Christopher Koelsch, Josh Winograd and Paul Corran, who effortlessly and superbly nailed the explanation of why is opera so great. They used heady terms like “human condition” and “hyperbole.” Speaking of over the top, the refreshment spread was truly a feast for the eyes and stomach, a delectable and colorful explosion of goodies. If you'd like to listen to the podcast, check it out on Nicholas's podcast site.

I have attended three of the myriad gatherings that are literally all over the map, hosted by League members. These are a must if you wish to hear a highly trained Community Educator speak about current and upcoming LA Opera productions while socializing with fellow opera fans. Check out our Gatherings page for upcoming gatherings times and places.

Don't miss our next seminar on Sunday, November 10 where USC Professor Bruce Brown will expound upon The Magic Flute. Order tickets here, and I'll see you there!

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