Frostbite in L.A., Anyone?

President's Message

By Gayle Kirschbaum

No, it wasn’t below zero on February 19, 2019,
When a truly devoted Leaguer donned her winter down jacket
And ski weather sweater; and with gloves and hot thermos,
Stood in line on that day for six hours and counting.

Yes, she waited in line for countless hours that morning,
And secured our group tickets for Opera League and community.
It was for July 28, for our “evening under the stars.”
And the lines, and the cold, were indeed quite a “picnic.”

But with these tickets she purchased, you can join us to celebrate,
With joy and delight, at our Hollywood Bowl picnic;
Bring along all your friends, your family and your colleagues,
And we’ll share a grand evening of Into the Woods.

With our food and libations that we’ll bring straight to you,
And a wonderful performance with seats all together,
It will be sure to delight one and all who come join us.

I will reveal to you a secret, before I proceed.
No, it wasn’t below zero on February 19, 2019.
But the line was quite long, and it was cold out for sure,
Yet I’d do it again, because you are ALL so well worth it!

Hollywood Bowl Ticket Line Selfie

Sometimes it takes herculean efforts to accomplish our mission, whether it’s standing in line to buy group tickets, preparing community talks and multimedia presentations, cooking sumptuous feasts for LA Opera cast and orchestra, or providing transportation for the performers and hosting them in our homes. You participate with endless energy and time in our Shop at the Opera, and prepare seminars, salons and other events featuring LA Opera Young Artists, Maestro Conlon and more.

Did you know our volunteers give a cumulative 26,000-plus hours of their time every year? Our team efforts enabled over eighty League activities and endeavors this past year. If you are a volunteer, then you should know how vital you are to the League. Indeed, you are the very backbone of the LA Opera community.

Thank you for making my two years as Opera League President so precious and fulfilling. Thank you to LA Opera and Music Center staff for all that you do.

So stay a part of the League, enjoy attending our events and help keep us strong. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I hope mine have been so for you.

Author: Thomas Lady

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