Peter Hemmings Award Dinner

The Peter Hemmings Award was established in 2004 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of opera in the greater Los Angeles area. Peter Hemmings was the first general director of LA Opera, from 1984 to his retirement in 2000. Due to his hard work, skill and deciation, LA Opera has achieved national stature with a foundation for future growth.


Previous Peter Hemmings Honorees

Christopher Koelsch

Zev Yaroslavsky

James Conlon

Duff Murphy

Sherwin Sloan

Natalie Limonick

Carol and Warner Henry

Alice Coulombe

Suzanna Guzman

Flora L. Thornton

Michael Hackett

Stacy Brightman

Jeff Kleeman

Lenore and Richard Wayne

Grant Gershon

Marilyn Ziering

Christopher Koelsch

Mindy and Gene Stein

The below names are past presidents of the Opera League who were all honored together at the Peter Hemmings Award gala in 2012.

Alice Coulombe
Lorraine Saunders
Carol Henry
Joan Thompson
Toni Bird
Anne Combs
David Barry
Warren Schubert
Molly Siefert
Audrey Hanson
Monica Weil
Rebecca Bowne
Dorothy Wait
Judy Lieb


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