Upcoming Featured Opera League Events
  • Gathering: Richard Strauss, Oscar Wilde and Their Salome



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    Date: Jan 22 Time: 1:30 PM


    A dual biography of the composer, the playwright and the history of their work that gave us the world’s most famous and notorious strip tease.

  • Gathering: Opera and Theater in the Wild West



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    Date: Feb 5 Time: 1:30 PM


    Opera’s stylized reality and theatrical grandeur may seem out of place in the primitive outposts of the American West. Yet opera and theater thrived in what we may consider to be the most unlikely of places.

  • Gathering: Lusters, Lovers and Other Forms of Love in Opera

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    Date: Feb 13 Time: 1:30 PM


    There are many kinds of love in the opera world. Lust, forbidden love, forsaken love and, of course, true love. We explore them all, with beautiful music connected.

  • AALAO Black History Month Recital



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    Date: Feb 27 Time: 12:00 PM


    African Americans for Los Angeles Opera in Joint Venture with the Ebell of Los Angeles presents its: Black History Recital Featuring: Ken Simms, Baritone

  • St. Matthew's Passion Seminar



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    Date: March 5 Time: 12:00 PM


    Seminar - John Neumeier’s interpretation of the St. Matthew Passion for the Hamburg Ballet




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    Date: June 3 Time: 1:00 PM


    A festive gathering to celebrate the many contributions made by the Opera League volunteers during this past year


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