Upcoming Featured Opera League Events
  • Gathering (Virtual): Intro to Opera


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    Date: Feb 5 Time: 12:30 PM


    Beyoncé, Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny, Greek deities, Darth Vader and all the game shows and microphones you can swing a baton at wouldn't be who and what they are today without opera.

  • San Gabriel Valley Gathering: "Marriage of Figaro" with Mary Johnston
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    Date: Feb 6 Time: 7:00 PM


    Mozart wanted the Marriage of Figaro to be contemporary, entertaining , and funny. The result was a comic opera which unabashedly tackled issues of class structure, gender relations, sexual politics and marriage. RSVP to Michael Sholer 818.502.1988

  • Gathering on Zoom: Intimacy of Grand Opera
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    Date: Feb 11 Time: 1:30 PM


     We are always drawn to the passion and grandiosity of grand opera but of equal value are those moments of tenderness, wonder, pensiveness or the quiet grief of a tormented soul: The Intimacy of Grand Opera.  

  • Beverly Hills Gathering: "Marriage of Figaro" with Steve Kohn
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    Date: Feb 12 Time: 10:00 AM


    The Marriage of Figaro could be considered a comment on the "Me Too Movement." It is the women in this piece who are the smart ones and they succeed in winning the day. RSVP to Ruth Bachofner at: 310 273-5039

  • Black History Month Recital: Soprano Alaysha Fox
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    Date: Feb 19 Time: 12:00 PM


    African Americans for Los Angeles Opera (AALAO), a chapter of the Opera League, presents the Black History Month Recital featuring soprano Alaysha Fox.

  • Opera League and Los Angeles Athletic Club Music Commission History of Opera Gathering
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    Date: Feb 25 Time: 12:00 PM


    No host luncheon followed by Presentation: The History of Opera

  • Santa Clarita Gathering: The Opera Detective with Steve Moore
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    Date: Feb 27 Time: 7:00 PM


    What is music? What is opera? What makes a great opera? This sleuth guarantees to uncover the facts you never knew about operas you know and love. RSVP to Host Kimberlyn Jones, 661 713 7220. 24709 Fourl Road Santa Clarita, CA 91321

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    Date: May 21 Time: 6:00 PM


    Opera League Annual Peter Hemmings Award Dinner Honoring Robert Ronus and Brita Millard. Evening of May 21, 2023. Watch this space for details.


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